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The value of Retainr
lies in the using of it

Retainr is a platform that allows for both attorney’s and clients to create profiles. Once a user creates an account they may then choose to either be instantly connected to an attorney for a flat fee, or they may schedule a video call with an attorney for non-urgent matters. These types of connections allow for clients to meet with attorney’s where ever life takes them. The need for an in office meeting no longer exists. Moreover, now you can gain legal representation at the point of contact with law enforcement, rather than after all of the clients rights are waived.

Retainr is coming soon
to an app store near you

For attorney’s this app creates a new gateway to generating leads and securing clients. For consumers, Retainr assures you that you can and will be exercising your rights at any given point of time. On both ends, we create the perfect platform in order to revolutionize the judicial system as we see it today.
Connect & share
After installing the app, connecting with legal representation is as easy as pushing a button.
By having attorney’s on your phone, gaining legal advice no longer has to be a process of going to a law firm. Rather, you can simply log on and ask away.
Worldwide Connections
Although our initial launch focuses largely on the United States, Retainr seeks to scale globally over the course of the next few quarters.

Retainr will soon arrive to
mobile phones & tablets

Over the course of the next up and coming months, Retainr will be submitted to the App store for approval. During this process, Attorney’s will be able to download the app and create a profile by using our website. Once the App store gives the green light, we will then turn to the consumers for the actual application of the app!

What we stand for?

At Retainr, our ultimate goal is to ensure that individuals maintain and utilize their rights properly and frequently. In order to properly attain such a goal, we aspire to make legal representation instantaneous.
To progressively advance the way people seek legal representation. In doing so, ensuring that individual rights are exercised appropriately and more frequently.
Changing the legal field to a more pro-active approach in resolving issues, rather than the current retro-active model.
Our focus is largely to bring legal representation into the hands of those that would have otherwise not been able to get it.

The best solution
for you, by far

With a growing discourse between law enforcement and society, the overwhelming figures of incarceration, and the developed need to exercise individual rights regularly, Retainr poses a free market solution to a bureaucratic issue.

Stay informed

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