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Retainr is a platform that allows for both attorney’s and clients to create profiles. Once a user creates an account they may then choose to either be instantly connected to an attorney for a flat fee, or they may schedule a video call with an attorney for non-urgent matters. These types of connections allow for clients to meet with attorney’s where ever life takes them. The need for an in office meeting no longer exists. Moreover, now you can gain legal representation at the point of contact with law enforcement, rather than after all of the clients rights are waived.,dpr_auto,f_auto/q_auto:low,dpr_auto,f_auto/v1539992040/portfolio-gallery-10_j1ltqi.jpg

RETAINR offers
Awesome services

For attorney’s this app creates a new gateway to generating leads and securing clients. For consumers, Retainr assures you that you can and will be exercising your rights at any given point of time. On both ends, we create the perfect platform in order to revolutionize the judicial system as we see it today.
Inter-connective Platforms
Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media connections between legal counsel and consumers has never been easier.
New Technology
Seamlessly visualize quality connections via a face to face audio feature, allowing you to connect with an attorney at the push of a button.
Layers of Legal
Retainr has layers of different fields of law covered. Anything from family law, negligence, and criminal, we have you covered.
Web Connections
Seamlessly connect with attorney’s from the comfort of your ipad, by simply logging in online. This feature is only months from launch as well!
User Interfaces
Our interface brings with it state of the art technology to your phone. Allowing you to be connected directly to an attorney via our app. Our app also allows for recordings to be sent to your email after the conversations/ advising, to retain the details of your encounter.
Connecting people
Continuously in the pursuit impactful and empowering experiences within the legal field.
Mobile & Web
Capitalize on how easy it is to access legal representation. If you have a phone or access to the internet, you can now have an attorney with you everywhere.
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RETAINR dedicated
Team members

Completely pursue scalable customer service, one person at a time.

Gabriel Vadasz

Owner/ Founder

Gabriel has an extensive background running corporations of various forms. Beginning at the age of 19 he started his first marketing company, which created a snowball effect into future ventures. Gabriel has his juris doctorate degree and plans to practice in Arizona, New Mexico, and various other states. The primary focus of law being asset forfeiture and criminal defense, the Retainr Project and its goals seem paramount.


Marketing Coordinator

Ben has an extensive educational background ranging from marketing to criminal justice to law. After spending 15+ years in the engineering and construction design environment he decided to pursue his passion and attend law school. His passion for justice is clear in his work and his commitment to his clients is to treat them like family and ensure they are given the respect and attention they are entitled to from himself and the court system.


Marketing Coordinator

Jay has a successful military and academic background. He served as a Marine Scout Sniper in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a security contractor for the State Department in Afghanistan. After his military service he graduated Suma Cum Laude with degrees in speech communication and political science. His dedication to justice and service to others is a testament to our mission and purpose here at Retainr.